The Man
Re-Aligned Program

Helping men who are too nice become leaders

For the impact-driven, emotionally-connected man ready to lead powerfully in their business and relationships


Do you want to...

be more productive in your work so your potential for earning will increase?

lead your team / business with more confidence and ease?

have better communication with your partner?

have more time & space for what YOU want to do?

feel calm & centred in your decision making and leadership?

feel an improved sense of worth in you and your offer?

be a unique male leader of a new paradigm that the world is screaming out for?

What’s the difference between a man who can confidently lead with courage and authenticity, and can effortlessly call in and create a exciting relationship and thriving career…

…and the man who struggles to express himself clearly, who finds himself people-pleasing, and holds himself back when it comes to approaching and connecting with women or confidently leading or leaning in at work?

Here's what it's NOT about...

1. Thinking you have to be an alpha-male to get where you want (because you know that mask never fit you)

2. Believing that your sensitivity and emotional awareness make you ‘less of a man’ 

3. Continuing to look for that external validation and harmony in how you behave with women, your colleagues and peers

4. Feeling you have to step up to be stronger when you compare yourself to other men who seem to embody this effortlessly.

5. Becoming overwhelmed living up to the role of provider (that you probably placed on yourself).

6. Doing nice things for other people even though deep down you sometimes don't really want to.

The reality is very different, and very simple...

To attract and lead the people you want in your life, you need to ground yourself in your own unique sense of masculine worth and stand powerfully in that.

It’s not about playing a role anymore (the old paradigm), it’s about self-leadership, depth and inner-confidence: leadership from within.

When you lead from that place, you attract more naturally, and make clean and clear decisions that affect how you run your business and financial life.

A Man Re-Aligned is integrated: he can do leadership and offer the depth and connection that is being called for in this modern world.

The Man Re-Aligned program is a 3-month experience for a new paradigm of male leaders who want to express their needs and desires without fear or doubt, drop the nice guy act, and change the direction of their life as well as that of others.

It’s as much about letting go of the play-it-safe behaviours as it is forging your own path and reality.

What you’re about to drop

1. Feeling like you’re holding back your unique offer and value in the workplace

Enough of watching others bulldoze their way through things in a way that makes you cringe. Your ideas need a way out and deserve to be heard by others, and your business and earnings are ready to up-level.

2. Prioritising other people, what they think and how they feel

You say yes to others and do what they want, because you don’t want them to feel sad or disappointed by saying no. But you also know that it makes life harder when you undermine yourself like this. When you can put yourself first, you’ll notice a shift in how people respond to you, and a feeling of independence, excitement and freedom in how you express yourself both at work and with women - it’s the same energy

3. A lack of self-trust, not trusting the path that you’re on

What if the voice that says ‘You’ve got this’ was louder than the self-doubting, inner critic that takes you on those negative thought spirals that happen when you’re feeling stuck? How would it be to no longer feel rushed or overwhelmed, but safe and grounded so you make those decisions that quantum-leap the income and career you know are possible?

4. Feeling self-conscious about how you relate to other men

Isn’t this where the stress and discomfort kick in, the frustration and comparison, the feeling of ‘not good enough’? What if you could replace that with a sense of intrinsic self-worth that meant you felt not only comfortable around men, but actually supported as you stepped into a leadership role that was respected?

5. Being the nice guy around women/partners and not saying what you really want

Imagine what it feels like to not attract flaky women because you're no longer being flaky yourself, or how by prioritising your needs you can actually rekindle your existing relationship. Stating what you want and being comfortable with a no - because it’s not about them - from a place of inner-confidence and worth will transform how you behave…and it’s still about being real and authentic, not some puff-and-fluff ‘techniques’.

Does that resonate with you so far?
It's just the beginning…

Over the course of the next 3 months, you’ll transform from feeling self-conscious and unsure as a man playing a role, to killing it in your work and love life as a grounded, confident, connected male who lives a life for himself.

Here's how that happens....



First, we’ll create a solid, grounded container of what masculine worth looks like for you, based on who you already are.

No roles, no archetypes. Nothing to live up to or prove. That’s the old paradigm and you know it doesn’t fit you. So we drop all the roles you’ve been playing, get clear on where they come from, how they’ve been both helping you but also holding you back.
Radical self-ownership and responsibility.
Avoid this stage of awareness and you continue to be caught in the loop of negative thought patterns, where you doubt yourself and feel stuck and frustrated. Do this properly, and you create freedom of thought and mind to forge your own path, and break free of that conditioning.



Once you’re clear on what living life on your own terms looks like, it’s time to live it for real.

No more people-pleasing. No more waiting for green lights of approval or permission. Instead you begin to lead and say what you think from a different space. Where rejection and conflict no longer affect you, they strengthen you and your resilience. I’ll show you how to prioritise your own needs in your relationships that feels respectful and clear. Learn how to connect to men more naturally, from a place of feeling confident in yourself, build those bonds, and stop feeling unsure about giving your opinion. Become a leader at work and change how people respond, listen to, and perceive you.



Finally, we create what I call your Boundary Blueprint.

This is fine-tuning the work we’ve done to align your relationship, (re)attract your partner, and future-proof your decision-making.
Want to lead in business and with women in a way that doesn’t feel fake or unnatural, but calm and genuine (so people actually come talk to you)? Not a hint of sleazy lines and chest-puffing, fake-it-til-you-make-it fluff to be found. Just you, powerfully and compassionately standing in who are and what you offer, attracting interest and respect from here on in, and fundamentally uninvested in the outcome and ok experiencing any rejection.

This is my signature process for stepping into your power and upleveling your relationships and career — and you’ll be supported through the whole thing inside the Man Re-Aligned program.



Apply Now

The months I worked together with Rich were the most fruitful I ever experienced. The awareness it brought made a big shift in my outlook towards what's coming next, I didn't know it was going to be this deep a change. I always valued the place of honesty and openness we were working from and that's rare.
I could see as I was talking to him that he went through similar experiences in the past and sharing his knowledge with such transparency was what made this relationship so inspirational. I can safely say I am excited to work with him again in the future, as Rich surpassed all my expectations.


"I always felt like I had an excellent level of self-reflection, but Rich got me to that next level where I truly believe I can do anything, and nothing will stop me"


"I've spent a lot of time with Rich in men's circles, creating programs, and being coached. One thing I can say about Rich is that when he speaks, people listen.
He has an incredible ability to get to the centre of whatever is going on and then share his insight with total clarity and authority.
Rich is a brilliant coach and mentor for men, and I can recommend him from the bottom of my heart. He is a life-changing man to work with"


What you’ll receive when you join this soft-launch program...

Live, impactful coaching that speaks to exactly where you are now.
Recorded, independent content that you can learn and apply in your own time

  • Weekly 1:1 live coaching calls with me
  • Instructional videos, written content and exercises
  • Recorded somatic practices (e.g. breathwork, meditation) to support your nervous system and state
  • Discounted rates to join future weekend breaks and retreats
  • Optional training and support in setting up your own men’s circle / network
  • Access as a founder to an online community of like-minded men seeking deeper connection, including future Q&As and private events.


This is the soft 1:1 launch for a future group program that will be offered at the same price point at the end of the year. Here, you get the same features but instead of group coaching you get 1:1 private coaching with me instead.

I only have a few spots available, and a limited timeframe to run this program before I switch to primarily group coaching.

How do you know this is right for you?

YOU’RE TIRED of living by a framework of what men ‘should be’

YOU ARE LOOKING for a healthier relationship, and more success in your business and career.

YOU ARE MORE THAN READY to live a purpose that is challenging, financially rewarding, and allows you more freedom.

YOU RELATE TO WOMEN naturally, but want more connection with men.

YOU KNOW YOU HAVE MORE TO OFFER the world, and are ready to invest in yourself at a higher level.

YOU’RE ALREADY ON THE PATH to doing something that you’re more emotionally connected to, and in line with your values.

YOU GET THE BALANCE between structure and letting go, and while you want more flow, you know you need more structure.

YOU’RE DONE looking your whole life at people who are comfortable and content with themselves, and ready to step into your own version of that. 

YOU'VE TRIED TAKING ACTION by yourself, you've read some books and done some courses, you may have had a coach already. 

YOU'RE TIRED OF THE FLUFF out there, and want something that is more personal and can ultimately change the direction of your life.

YOU WANT COACHING AT A HIGHER LEVEL, something that stands out because you know coaches are a dime a dozen these days. Authenticity, trust and integrity are super important to you.

YOU ARE READY to take serious action and create more impact in your life, work and relationships

"In the time that I've worked with Rich, I can safely say what he has to offer is high-level, unique, and extremely valuable both to men and women. I've seen how his depth of experience and way of connecting and holding men brings out the best in them, unlocks their potential, and guides them to their goals. His sense of authentic leadership makes him the perfect guy to help men & women wanting to create more impact in their business fields and also improve their relationships. To me Rich is a very inspiring and effective coach, who supported and encouraged me to get the results I was looking for".


"Stop considering and start committing. Rich knows how to get you the results you desire in your relationships and work life in a really authentic and powerful way. He has the ability to show you what strong leadership and presence look like in a way that feels genuine, and allows you to stop wearing a mask and really live your life on your own terms"


"One thing I love about Rich is how committed to the work he is, and it shows in his teaching and how he expresses himself. He walks the talk and leads in a way that feels real and trustable, and I know the important work he is doing with men will have a huge impact. What we need is inspiring thought-leaders that really want to make a difference, and for me Rich is one of those people.



1. You'll be able to lead your team / business with more confidence and ease.

2. You'll be more productive in your work so your potential for earning will increase.

3. You'll experience better communication with your partner.

4. You'll have more time & space for what YOU want to do.

5. You'll feel calm & centred in your decision making and leadership.

6. You'll feel an improved sense of worth in you and your offer.

7. You'll be a unique male leader of a new paradigm that the world is screaming out for.

If you’re still here, there’s a good reason. This resonates with you.
You’ve been watching society shift in the last few years and the roles of men changing, and while a part of you is still holding yourself back, a bigger part of you:

Wants to see your personal growth work come to fruition
Wants to truly apply yourself to something with a bigger meaning
Doesn’t want to be left wanting
Is done with compromising your freedom
Knows you have masculine traits and leadership qualities that make you both useful and unique
Wants to use them to lead and live your life more fully NOW


who supports impact-driven, emotionally-connected men to lead themselves authentically in their work and relationships, and actually make a difference. He loves to teach a balance of strong self-leadership with a way of being real, so clients can re-align with their unique strengths and worth, experience more success in their work, and stop playing a role that never fit them.

Inner confidence and authentic leading comes from being grounded, centred and living a life on your own terms.
Rich leverages his 10 years as a language and business skills coach for CEOs in Germany, along with extensive knowledge of self-healing work to overcome an auto-immune disease, plus 5 years of transformational coaching experience to show people how to build a life of freedom and fulfilment.

He teaches men how to shift and turn their sensitivity into leadership gold as a leader-by-example, proving that you can go from being diagnosed with a lifelong illness to healing it, create a successful business then shift careers, and build a life, home and community in several countries. 

After creating and selling a successful language school, he became one of the first Wim Hof Method instructors, moved to Bali and became a yoga, meditation & qi gong teacher, flow coach, and is now a consultant for online self-development programs for mindful living in China.

His coaching over the years has helped men and women alike find purpose and meaning, create healthier relationships and workspaces, take the huge step of starting their own businesses, and overcoming stress and anxiety to balance their nervous system and improve their mental health.

His vision is to be a force for change in the world of men's work, to reimagine what men can be and how we can behave in this new world. His mission is to show men how to truly value themselves and each other: to feel confident in who we are, our natural strengths and what we have to offer….just as he has with himself and his life.

He is currently based between Germany, Portugal & Bali as a surfer, retreat facilitator, and online coach & consultant.

Are you ready to step into self-leadership at this level?

No doubt you’ll have some questions, and want to check me out for real, to find out if this is a good fit. Same here.
The wrong coach for the wrong client doesn’t make sense for either of us, so to find out more apply now, and I’ll be happy to jump on a call with you to answer all your queries, and help you make a powerful decision either way.